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The BI guru

Providing mentoring and consulting services for the Microsoft BI stack

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Carl Rabeler is the BI guru

I have been working with the Microsoft BI stack since SQL Server 7.0 and OLAP Services. Most recently, I worked with the SQL Server product team on the release of SQL Server 2012 - in particular, I worked with early adopters on Power Pivot, tabular modeling, SharePoint integration, and security configuration.
I have been working with the SQL Customer Advisory Team (SQL CAT) for over 10 years, both as an independent consultant and as a Microsoft employee on cutting edge and complex solutions. A listing of my technical articles is available on this webiste - all of which are published on the web, and some are also published at
Since leaving Microsoft, I continue to work with customers to deliver business intelligence solutions that utilize the business intelligence features of SQL Server 2012 and SharePoint 2010.
Most recently, I have also been working with Big Data and Hadoop, in particular placing Microsoft BI on top of big data solutions.
Carl Rabeler